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LA ART SHOW 洛杉矶艺术博览会

2019124 日至 127 日,第 24 届美国洛杉矶艺术博览会 (LA ART SHOW) 在美国洛杉矶会展中心举办,受到各国藏家与投资者的关注,同时 Liang Project Co Space 也是又一次通过 LA ART SHOW 得到了市场和藏家的关注和重视,帮助中国艺术机构和艺术家提升影响力和知名度的积极实践。


洛杉矶艺博会已成功举办了 24 届,作为在美国本土每年举办的规模最大的西部艺术博览会,洛杉矶艺博会目前已成为国际新老艺术家每年向往的艺术盛会。近年来,艺术品市场及规模一直处于逐步上升态势,艺术品收藏及投资需求也越来越大,因此国际艺博会往往受到艺术收藏投资界的广泛关注。作为引领全球艺术趋势的风向标,在 2019 年洛杉矶艺博会上有来自 18 个不同国家的 120 余家画廊、机构等参展,有超过 7 万余名专业观众与艺术爱好者莅临参观,参展商的数量、规模等均在世界艺术博览会中名列前茅。据洛杉矶艺博会组委会透露,本届洛杉矶艺博会将在展会的整体架构、参展艺术形态、观展体验等方面进行优化和提升,进一步提升画廊的视野,积极提供更多创新的现代和当代艺术方面的讲座、艺术家表演展示等专业活动。在媒体宣传上,将云集洛杉矶时报、美国南加州公共电视台等知名媒体进行现场采访与报道。


Liang Project Co Space 

参展展位: 204

参展艺术家: 李庆美、谢艾格、余启平

时间: 2019.1.24 – 2019.1.27

地点: 美国洛杉矶会议中心

LA ART SHOW Morden+ Contemporary

Los Angeles has emerged as a global epicenter of art & culture, with a distinct, interwoven multi-cultural influence unique to the city. Diversity is our strength and art is most impactful when it includes or transcends all borders. As LA rises as the world-class destination for art, LA Art Show continues to lead the way with innovative programming and one-of-a-kind experiences for an expanding collecting audience. 


More than 200,000 square feet of exhibition space is committed to today’s prominent galleries. These domestic and international galleries, beyond their booths, curate special exhibits that are at the forefront of the burgeoning contemporary art movement. The fair offers an extraordinary array of works and experiences in specialized sections.


Liang Project Co Space 

Booth: 204
Artist List: 
Lee Kyoungmi, Xie Aige, Yu Qiping

Duration: January 24, 2019 – January 27, 2019

Address: Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, United States