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2018 年南京扬子当代艺术博览会(Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair)10 月 11 日迎来贵宾预览日,首届扬子当代艺术博览会以严格的机制甄选来自中国和全球具有代表性画廊参展,秉承国际视野,聚焦当代艺术与设计。Liang Project Co Space 此次携 9 位艺术家亮相 A02 展位,呈现近 20 件精彩作品。


Liang Project Co Space 
2018.10.11 – 2018.10.14

2018 Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair

2018 Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair is open for VIP audience on October 11th, 2018. With a strict selected mechanism, the Organizing Committee of Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair will select representative galleries from all over the world. Liang Project Co Space presents nearly 20 pieces of fabulous works from 9 artists in booth A02.

Liang Project Co Space 

Booth: A02
Artist List: 
Huang Zhe, Lee Kyoungmi, Ma Xiao, Sun Yao, Wang Yi, Xiao Min, Xie Aige, Xue Song, Zheng Zaidong

Duration: October 11, 2018 – October 14, 2018

Address: Nanjing International Exhibition Center, 88 Longpan Rd, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, China